Lisa Veldkamp

Barista Cafė

Barista Café in Alphen aan den Rijn is Lisa’s home away from home. She wrote most of The Elemental in this establishment and you can still spot her there every now and then.

Barista Café is a modern coffeehouse with passion for coffee. The owners Patrick Liefhebber and Robin de Vries went to great lengths to make you feel welcome and at home, in which they succeed on a daily basis. They’ve had such a succes with their formula of quality over quantity and high standards to their customers, they’ve now expanded to several locations. One in Alphen aan den Rijn’s largest bookstore Haasbeek , where Lisa also can be seen writing and over a dozen more around the country. More locations are yet to come in the near future.

Their menu is completely homemade and there’s a variety of sweet and savory goodness. Every month you can order another coffee, the Barista special. Or you might want to try Lisa’s personal favourite, the latte Coco Loco with fluffy marshmellows on top.

To know more or get directions to their locations, check out their website
Barista Café